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What We Believe

Our dedicated team believes in keeping the integrity of art & cinema alive; and making each project something truly special. The artists at Third Beacon aim to always be learning, and we encourage artistic experimentation wherever possible. We like to project a comfortable and fun working environment, while keeping our clients' needs our top priority.


Creative Director

CEO & Co-Founder


Creative Director

COO & Co-Founder


Senior Editor


Junior Editor

Kyle Delso

Creative Director / VFX Lead

Brandon M. Grode

Creative Director / Editor

Adam Santiago

Project Manager

Jake Myers

Asst. Creative Director /
Motion Graphics & Animation

Andrew Baker


Loren Fay


Jordan Amandes

Color & Finishing

Armando Terrazas II

Lead Audio / Sound Designer

Steve Maslan

Foley & Sound Design

Perfect for the dedicated novice, enthused beginners, and those looking to get their foot in the film industry door. Make connections, ask questions, work on real projects. Start building your reputation, list of credits, and skill set with the team.

If you are a creative professional looking to join the Third Beacon team long term, or a freelancer looking for professional studio space to network and complete projects, use the Team and Residency Application to get in touch.

Giving Back

We are grateful for the people we work with inside and outside of our company. We donate a percentage of every sale to charity. Our customers and employees help to choose which charities receive those dollars.

We believe in the power of grateful giving!

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